Hi, we’re OTIS.

What we're all about.

A note from us to you:

The world is changing. Growing & shrinking. Connecting & dividing. Innovating & evolving. And we’re changing with it. So are you. So is your organization, and how you reach people. 

The rapid pace of change can feel overwhelming- it’s a full-time job keeping up with technology and the new opportunities that it provides. Thankfully, though, it’s not your job— it’s ours. And we love doing it. 

We partner with like-minded clients who understand the importance of technology, who do not compromise on quality, and who prioritize human relationships. 

We know the digital world and how to use it. We separate the essential from the noise. We can help you grow your organization and your influence. If you’ve struggled with using the World Wide Web to take your mission into the future, relax. 

We’ve got your virtual back. 

- O T I S

Ren Little, Owner, Design & Story

Ren Little, Owner, Design & Story

Will Myers, Owner, Websites & Development

Will Myers, Owner, Websites & Development

Jacob Welch, Post-Production Technician

Jacob Welch, Post-Production Technician

Fun Facts About Us


+ Ren is from Alabama

+ Will lived in Haiti for a year

+ Will & Ren went to Auburn University

+ Will has a Masters in Business & Engineering

+ Ren has her MBA 

+ Ren & Will are married

+ Will plays soccer

+ Ren is the creative force

+ Will is the tech-y back-end guy

+ Ren is a Human Development major

+Will is a systems engineer

+ Ren loves old dogs


The OTIS Outlook


Keep your dreams unreasonable.

Planning, hard work and commitment make impossible dreams come true.

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Business should be fun.

For you, for us, and for everyone. If you do not enjoy the work you do, or the people you work with, then why do it? At OTIS, we work hard and we play harder.


The journey > the destination.

Along the way, things change, new opportunities arise, and you meet people who change you. Our strategy- iterate, iterate, iterate. Never stop moving forward.


Learn from everyone.

Everyone out there knows something that we don’t know. We strive to learn from every single person we meet, because we believe that relationships with others have the power to make us better.

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Listen, learn, and lead with questions.

Communication is so important. In a world that’s more connected than ever, connection is becoming more and more rare. We try to listen first, learn as much as possible, and always start by asking good questions.

Earth Globe

Never stop exploring.

Our next adventure is always around the corner. We find inspiration and opportunity in new experiences. Travel is not a luxury, it’s a necessity.

Color Palette

Art is necessary.

We look for the poetry in our own lives and business, because inspiration is necessary and beauty is good for the soul.

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Rules are made to be broken.

We are no stranger to raised eyebrows, but we continue pushing the boundaries. We challenge what is “normal” to achieve our own dreams and to help our clients do the same.

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Do great work.

Great businesses should be great at everything. We strive for perfection and only settle for excellence.

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It’s ok to be weird.

In fact, we highly encourage it! Like my mother always said, weirdness is as weirdness does.


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