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 We talk about tech, and small business life, and entrepreneurship, and sometimes marketing, and, um, Squarespace, I guess. And all the other online things & internet stuff.

It’s a bit rambly, but give us a chance.


Squarespace Will Myers Squarespace Will Myers

[11] [Interview] Elizabeth Pampalone - Squarespace, Networking, & Small Business Life

The Queen of Networking herself graces us with her royal presence on today’s podcast. Elizabeth is potentially the most well-known person in Jacksonville, FL, and you’ll find out why if you listen. From why she switched to Squarespace from Wordpress, to her year long experiment with attending 3 networking events every day, to her first career in teaching old people how to internet, Elizabeth is a delight to hear from and has a world of wisdom to offer her fellow entrepreneurs. 

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Fun Will Myers Fun Will Myers

[9] The Great American Roadtrip

3,000 miles. 50 driving hours. 8 days. 3 hearts. 7 feet. One Prius and a whole lot of beef jerky. Y’all we road tripped from Seattle to Atlanta, and here are our biggest highlights and take-aways, with some sweet little business lessons…

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Will Myers Will Myers

[3] Online Communities: No One Showed Up

Sometimes you wanna go where everybody knows your name. And they’re always glad you came. That’s right, we’re talking about communities- online communities, in-person communities, and how businesses use them to connect…

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Squarespace Will Myers Squarespace Will Myers

[2] Email Marketing (& Squarespace)

Email marketing. Boooo 😩. Or Yaaaaay 🤗. It’s a super subjective topic, and we’re going to start with the big picture of why you may or may not use it, and then dive into Squarespace’s new email list functionality. What we love, what…

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