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Crescent Builds

Crescent Builds is a design + build firm that does residential & commercial remodels and additions. They needed to attract the right kind of clients in order to grow their business. In the website that we built for them, we mirrored the quality of their craftsmanship, creativity and attention to detail that is in their services.

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These are the services that we’ve provided to Crescent Builds.

Web Design & Development

Testimonial Videos

Digital Marketing Consulting

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Our Objective

Our goal was to build a website for Crescent Builds that reflected the quality of their work. We created a simple design with a home page that clearly shows their products, and portfolio pages that beautifully showcases their work.

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Testimonial Videos

Additionally, we created 4 testimonial videos for Crescent builds. Below is an example of one of them.


“We didn't just receive a product, but developed a relationship.”

"I am a Principal at a Seattle-based Build Firm, Crescent Builds. Our experience working with Ren and Will at OTIS has been exceptionally successful. They have been engaging, personally invested, and proactive in their work, making the process easy and enjoyable. OTIS has gone beyond our expectations through a process of active listening, collaborative brainstorming and creative development. We didn't just receive a product, but developed a relationship for our online solution support."

- Emilee Birrell, Principal at Crescent Builds

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