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Bethlehem Construction

Bethlehem is a successful construction firm that specializes in precast materials. When we met them, their website was over 10 years old, and in need of a re-design that reflected the quality of the work they do to prospective clients as well as potential employees.

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Website Design + Build

8x Location Photography

3x Testimonial Videos

Website Redesign

Like many organizations, Bethlehem Construction's website was built almost a decade ago and was in need of some updating.

We worked with their president to fine-tune marketing messages as well as their HR team to get a working job applications page up.

 Location Photography

The visual nature of Bethlehem’s work called for high quality photography. We did 8 different location shoots to get the necessary photography to make this website not only stunning, but truly reflective of their business, their work, and their team.

Testimonial Videos

This project called for 3 different testimonial videos with well-known individuals within the food processing industry. We used these videos throughout their website.

The video’s were shot on-site at different locations around western Washington and emphasized the relational & high-quality nature of Bethlehem’s work.


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